Successful Workshops are SASSY!

You could have a workshop people will talk about. You could make points they’ll remember and retell. Your workshop participants could accomplish something and tell everyone how much you helped them. 

When people ask how you created such a memorable workshop, you could smile a sassy smile and say, “It’s a secret.” I’d understand. 

Some people go deep into student loan debt to learn the principles of learning design. Not you--you're getting them in one success-filled course. I bet you’ll be so proud of your workshop that you tell everyone your workshop is SASSY. What are the principles of SASSY Design?






Prepare to create a SASSY, success-filled workshop!

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Kristi Bridges
Kristi Bridges
Author and Corporate Trainer

About the instructor

Kristi Bridges is a corporate trainer and instructional designer, owner of 1 Moment Wiser, LLC and author of five books, including Wisdom - Better than Wishing and Option Ocean - Navigating the Sea of Possibility

Let's face it - the world could be a wiser place. Share what you know with her courses, The Share Your Wisdom Wisely Devotional Book Writing Experience and Successful Workshops are SASSY!

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7 Videos
9 Surveys
3 Texts

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