It's About Time to Write Your Novel

Novel Planner - Write, Publish, Promote and Set Up Your Business

Authors do more than write. A smart author promotes and presells a book in order to fund important expenses.

Download the It's About Time Novel Planner today. Author Sarah Soon and I used our experience to help you avoid first-time publishing stress.  In this planner, you'll have all the steps you need to write and publish your novel like a pro!

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Kristi Bridges
Kristi Bridges
Author and Corporate Trainer

About the instructor

Kristi Bridges is a corporate trainer and instructional designer, owner of 1 Moment Wiser, LLC and author of five books, including Wisdom - Better than Wishing and Option Ocean - Navigating the Sea of Possibility

Let's face it - the world could be a wiser place. Share what you know with her courses, The Share Your Wisdom Wisely Devotional Book Writing Experience and Successful Workshops are SASSY!

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